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Some of the numbers

  • University College Roosevelt is part of Utrecht University and was founded in 2004.
  • 80% of the financial resources go towards education and research.
  • Each year, UCR receives around 350 applications. Around 175 of those will be admitted after the application process.
  • The total student body at UCR averages 500 students.
  • The average class size at UCR is 21 students.
  • As of July 2019, UCR has over 1900 alumni.
  • When asked whether they would choose again for UCR, over 90% of alumni answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’
  • UCR was named after various members of the Roosevelt family, who hail from the Province of Zeeland, where UCR is located. Our three main academic buildings are aptly named after Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Students at UCR continue in different career fields: Research (17%), Advisory including law (11%), Commercial (10%), Medical (9%) and Financial/business (9%).