UCR Executive Board (Raad van Bestuur) is responsible for the college and has two members. The Dean is the chair of the Board and is responsible for the academic quality. The Managing Director is responsible for the business context of UCR. The current Dean is Prof. dr. Bert van den Brink and the current Managing Director is Etienne de Jager.

UCR’s Executive board reports to Utrecht University’s Executive Board for academic quality, and to UCR’s Board of Trustees for both academic quality and management of the organization.

The secretary to the Board is Ms. Jeanette Gels (mt@persistencecellar.com – t. +31 (0) 118 655 550). For questions to the board, please contact Ms. Gels.

Other positions of prof. dr. H.H.A. van den Brink

  • Editorial Board Constellations (unremunerated)
  • Editorial Board Ethical Perspectives (unremunerated)
  • Editorial Board Contemporary Political Theory (unremunerated)
  • Member of the Board of Advisors of ECOLAS, Consortium of European Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences (unremunerated)
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Foundation Roosevelt Center for Excellence in Education, Middelburg, 2017-2020 (unremunerated)
  • Member of the Scientific Council of Zeeland (unremunerated)
  • Member of the Board of Recommendation Etty Hillesum Onderzoekscentrum, Middelburg (unremunerated)
  • Member of the Board of Recommendation of of Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies KU Leuven (unremunerated)
  • Member Professorial Chair History of International Relations, Leiden University/Roosevelt Center for International Studies (unremunerated)
  • Occasionally acts as committee member or chair in advisory committees for organizations such as NVAO, NWO, and other universities. If such positions are remunerated, the income goes to UCR.