The University College Roosevelt Medal of Honor is awarded to individuals and organizations who have supported the College in exceptional ways. The Medal may be awarded to individuals and organizations both from inside and outside the College and their achievements may be either academic or of a more supportive nature.

Prof. Oomen received the Medal for her contributions to the human rights ethos, deep diversity, justice, and community-engaged learning at UCR. Her work on Going Glocal, the Roosevelt Center for Excellence in Education, the Art and Design track, the outdoor classroom and the Cities of Refuge research project all stand for that heritage: educate for change in mind, self, and society.

Prof. Oomen started at UCR in 2006, as Associate Professor in the Social Science Department. From 2012 to 2016, she was Dean of UCR. Prof. Oomen will start as President of the Board of HZ University of Applied Science as of June 1st.