An education built around you

University College Roosevelt (UCR) is for those with more than one interest, for those that are passionate about many different disciplines and topics. You can combine courses from Arts & Humanities, Engineering, Sciences and Social Sciences – there are 200 courses to choose from – while building a strong foundation in academic skills. UCR prepares you for your career in modern-day problem solving.


As you follow this broad program, you will be living in guaranteed housing in the historic city of Middelburg. You will be surrounded by 500 students from all over the world, who are just as motivated, internationally oriented, and socially active as you are. Our students are highly involved in making the UCR community as close-knit as it is by organizing events such as concerts, volleyball matches, guest lectures, or the Christmas Market open to all people from Middelburg.


If this sounds like the place for you, why don’t you explore the possibilities by watching the animations below?

Ever wanted to know what a day at University College Roosevelt really looks like?

Classes depend on the course, professor, and week in the semester, events change every week, and one day you may have dinner alone, whereas the next you share food with 15 others – no day is the same in the life of a UCR student. However, we can still give you an idea of what a day at UCR might entail. Follow Liv as she explores Middelburg, goes to class, and meets up with her friends!

I firmly believe that by combining various fields of study, any UCR graduate is ready and able to tackle any modern interdisciplinary problem.
Steven van de Graaf (Class of 2017)

Intrigued? Come meet us in Middelburg or online!

We host a number of events and personalized opportunities to learn about our program, to experience our campus, and to interact with our students and Faculty. You can attend Open Days to meet faculty, walk around Middelburg and see what student accommodation looks like. Schedule an individual visit to talk with a staff member, chat with current students or enjoy a campus tour. Whatever your preference, we are happy to let you see and experience what studying at UCR is all about.

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